we doing this for?

Our history really began in the childhood times, where three 11 year old friends were meeting every afternoon in the forest, searching for a perfect place to play. One day Przemek came running to his friends, telling, how he was riding in the car with his mom and saw the forest from the other side. After a short persuasion, friends took a compas, a map and they went on a quest in search of their paradise.
In the end they found a place, where for years they were meeting, playing, resolving disputes among themselves i strengthening their friendship.

A favorite game of theirs was “wargame”, which in the next years evolved into interest in paintball. First markers, bruises and mom’s screams for paint-stained clothes started to appear. At the beginning this paradise was meant to be only for these 3 friends. It changed though, when a dream of playing various scenarios with more people first appeared in their minds. They started inviting more friends to play in this hidden paradise.

Only in March 2015 this paradise was officially named The Green Polygon. The name symbolizes resolving friendly disputes and bonding through play. Since this time we delivered a lot of emotions and fun to our individual clients  and also we strengthened relations between workers of such companies as Colas Group, Bridgestone, PZU S.A.

Clients are often coming back to us for more, thanks to emotions and adrenaline we deliver, and also the feeling of connecting on the deeper level between the game participants. It happens thanks to discharging negative emotions and replacing them with interesting game experience. Thanks to scenarios focused on strategic-team games our clients learn how to communicate in the team, strategic thinking, or repsect for other people and the ability to help eachother That is why the Green Polygon is the place of unifying and developing close friendships between people..

What makes us
stand out?

The things that make us stand out are relevant details:
1. We are located in a brilliant spot, beacuse Malta in Poznań is easy to reach with public transport. 2. We have nearly 2,5ha various terrain to play with. At this moment forest area, speedball area (smaller ground for smaller games) and the third area - the urban one - is under construction.
3. The most important thing is that we ARE NOT cumulating groups together, which is a huge downside on other paintball ranges If you come to play with your own group you have certainty, that you will play with YOUR friends. On other ranges there is a common practice of cummulating different integration parties, bachelor parties and birthdays are being stuffed into one game. But this is not what you expect right? Blending your integration party with some other company’s when you are supposed to link with your own colleagues is kind of lame, isn’t it? 4. Safety is our priority and we are never letting in more people than it is safe and possible to do so (even though it shouldn’t be a problem because our range is just huge).