Are you searching for suitable paintball range for integration party? Our range is a perfect match for small integration parties, as well as for these big ones! In total we have 3 types of areas to play on, which can fit up to 150 people - still being comfortable to play! One of our ranges is prepared for smaller groups, which allows you to play starting with 6 players (and still having amazing fun!) Our complex divides into 3 types: forest area, urban area and speedball area located in ravine (perfect for smaller groups, no need to run a lot to find eachother). We are not combining groups, which is a common practice on other paitball ranges!

Capture the flag - game scenario

Game scenarios for
integration parties

Integration party in the form of paintball is a great fun, but it is also a great opportunity to incorporate elements helping to build a well functioning team (team-bulding). At clients request we choose game scenarios, which support team-building and we’re preparing additional tasks helping to get on a higher level of getting involved in relations between teammates


Our catering place is made a specific way, so that no one from the outside can interrupt your party. We’re not combining groups, so that our clients have certainty that their party will take place only in their own circle. On the catering place we organized music equipment. On clients request there will be playing music chosen by him. We have catering place indoors (fortification climate) or outdoors to choose from.

Miejsce piknikowo - caterigowe
Grill with food

or bonfire?

We have grill and a bonfire to choose from. For our clients we prepare sausages, Chuck steaks, bread, dips, skewers, salads, grilled turkey breast and grilled vegetables. For more demanding customers, it is possible to order cakes and cakes. There is coffee, tea, drinks and juices on site.There is a possibility to bring your own alcohol and in case it ends we’ll give you a helping hand delivering more 😉


On clients request we offer additional attractions in form of playing cards, alcoparcheesi, various board games. Magicians, fortune tellers and dancers can attend your parties.

Cards to play on a bachelor's party
Nocleg obok pola paintballowego

Do you need

If your party requires accomodation there is no problem! Our range is located near incredible holiday cottages!There your party can last even for a few days 🙂 Whole complex is located in the middle of a attraction-turistic area near Malta lake! There is a artificial skier’s slope, many bike paths, modern zoo. Integration party can become a longer adventure before effective work!

Paintball for adults

Paintball: Price list

Paintball for players above 13 years old



  • 200 bullets
  • Marker, Mask, Uniform, Protector, Gloves, Tactical belt, Additional 'fats',
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  • 400 bullets
  • Marker, Mask, Uniform, Protector, Gloves, Tactical belt, Additional 'fats',
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  • 700 bullets
  • Marker, Mask, Uniform, Protector, Gloves, Tactical belt, Additional 'fats',
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